About me:

I’m a casual 17 year old Canadian World of Warcraft player on the realm Mug’thol.  The guild that I belong to is called <Bucklers of Swash>, a guild that loves to kick back, relax and just have fun.  On top of all that I raid 3 times a week, but we have 3 ICC groups and get a 25 man going once a week.

My Characters:

Name: Anslym

Class: Elemental Shaman (Restoration off-spec)

Status: Main (PvE)

Professions: Herbalism / Alchemy

Armory: Anslym

Name: Chmelyk

Class: Shadow Priest

Status: Retired main, is now an alt

Professions: Mining / Tailoring

Armory: Chmelyk

Name: Trynda

Class: Destruction Warlock

Status: Main (PvP)

Professions: Inscription

Armory: Trynda

About Blog:

Blogging for me is a “learn something new every single day” experience, just like playing WoW is.  I decided to start a blog after I finished my novel (excerpt below) not only to keep my writing skills sharp but to also expand upon them.  I picked the title because I wanted a general theme and having full bags is something we all run into every once and awhile.


Novel Excerpt

A few moments later Daniel’s rough and ragged breathing filled the empty interrogation room, his heart still hasn’t calmed down.  The clacking of high heeled shoes on the stone floor echoed around the room as Viktoriah entered. 

“Such a shame to waste such a pretty face as yours,” Viktoriah murmured as she paced around the chair Daniel was tied to.  “You know you could always join our side,” she said as she began to rub his shoulders.

“Really?” Daniel finally said, “Shoulder rubbing on our first Date?” She chuckled in response.  Daniel never really considered what Viktoriah looked like, with Phendera in the room no one compared.  She didn’t look to much older then him; she was very pretty in an evil vindictive way, she couldn’t be that nice maid at the tournament, could she?  She began to slide her hands down from his shoulders to his chest.

“Not on our first date, I’m not that kind of guy,” Daniel choked out.

“I’ll make you that kind of guy,” She whispered in his ear.  This is what Daniel had planned for exactly, which a quick movement he let his head drop and then quickly snapped it up into Viktoriah’s face.  Her nose broke with a satisfying crack. She screamed in outrage as she spun his chair around.

“You think you can pick your side of this war so easily! The lines are blurred beyond recognition!” She screeched.  Daniel wasn’t paying attention; something was off about her nose.  “I picked the winning side!”

“Did you now?” Daniel said with mock interest still staring at her nose.

“Noticed did you?” She said as she reached into her boot and drew a dagger, “I know I picked a winning side because of the things I took part in.” With that last statement she pressed the dagger to her forearm.  Daniel looked for the red blood that would pour from the human veins of this inhumane woman.  It didn’t. 

“That’s right, you can’t defeat someone who doesn’t bleed, who doesn’t feel pain!”  Her nose, that’s what looked wrong, it wasn’t bleeding!  “It was foolish of me trying to seduce you; I see the way you look at that shaman.” She spun his chair back and fogged up the blade with her breathe and wiped the blade clean on her leggings, not that it needed to be cleaned.  “Then again, she’s more fragile then I” she whispered as she stroked the blade gently against his cheek.  She slashed the ropes binding him to the chair and called the guards to take him to the holding room.  Not before she thanked him for breaking her nose, he walked back to the cell with a red and burning cheek.  Later when Viktoriah went to her chambers she felt pain from her arm and nose as she bled.


he awoke with a start in the dark and gloomy cell he was being held in.  Daniel rolled over to face Phendera who was peacefully sleeping.  For the next three hours till everyone woke up Daniel watched Phendera sleep, but what he didn’t know was that while he was dreaming of spending the day with her.  She was watching him sleep.


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    • Thanks, I was unsure about the background but after playing around with a few of them I decided to settle on it.

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