4 comments on “The Story so Far…

  1. Those pics are OMG SQUEEEEEE
    happy now? 😀
    Oh and go and enter that writing competition at Movellas! See if you can win something with your awesome writing there 🙂
    I wondered what had happened to you lately Anslym 🙂 I would hate to think my 12 days of Winter Veil made you quit wow!

    • Yes, I am quite pleased with your squee, thank you.
      It certainly wasn’t your guest post that made me quite WoW, I very much enjoyed your post and if anything it made me want to keep this blog going longer but in the end other priorities won out.
      I have thought of entering writing contests before and I might in the near future but for now it’s just focusing on the book, but thanks for the hook-up, I haven’t heard of Movellas before but I was pleasantly surprised when I took a look over there.
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures, they’re just some trophies I’ve collected on my late night internet journeys.

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