3 comments on “On Writing, Blogging, and Burning-Out

  1. Hey Anslym, I appreciate your comments. My remark wasn’t meant as a judgement on anyone else by any means. The thing is, I started playing WoW at a time in my life when I didn’t have a lot going on personally or professionally. WoW has brought me soo many good things – it’s helped get word out about me as an artist, bringing in commissions and income! It’s helped me make some great friends (even a few local friends) and helped me learn a few things about leadership via guild mastering. It’s been great. But at the same time, it can be easy and seductive to pour all your energy into it because you get immediate, tangible results – and when I first started playing it was definitely a form of escapism.

    So WoW has been great to me, and it sounds like it’s been great for you too, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with realizing that you CAN have too much of a good thing. Especially if it’s started to affect your schooling and your life path/career, it’s good to take a step back and say “Hey, maybe this isn’t the best thing for me to be focusing on right now.” Even if you don’t blog, you won’t lose your blog friends like us – you can always comment, or keep in touch via Twitter! Being a surgeon is a heck of a dream and will take a lot of work, but you can do it! You’ve already shown how dedicated you can be to a goal, there’s nothing wrong with shifting your focus to your real life (and you might find it’s a good thing).

    For me, raiding less has been the BEST thing, really! I find I have more time for everything. Cooking (which I love to do), and working out which has taken a back seat for too many years. I feel happier and healthier already. It’s really made me realize just how much life I put on hold for WoW.

    • That’s exactly it! I started playing this game right before highschool when I had absolutely nothing going on (and it should be that way at that age), I guess I kept up the mentality because I could (sure high school had it’s hard moments but it was easy…. easy compared to University). That being said I’m way more organized this term (see: actually using textbooks for more that hundred dollar paperweights). I suppose I can write off last term for being rough because I wasn’t used to university. We’ll see if I’m more prepared for it this time around.

      As for writing the novel I think my biggest issue is sitting down to write. The actual act of getting the ball rolling is the hardest. Once I’m writing I can go on for hours. That being said who needs to sit down and start writing when there are randoms to run, dailies to do, etc.

      This blog is and still is about writing to me and that’s the way it will stay. The only thing changing on that front is WoW will be put on the back burner. If the writing situation doesn’t improve then I can revisit the blog burning idea.

      Thanks for comment Vid, it feels like I wrote the what and the how in my post and you filled in the why.

  2. Hey Anslym

    It sounds like you’re at a crossroad with many intersections.

    I can definitely relate to your situation because I’ve been in it before. Sometimes it’s just best to choose something you want to do or get rid of and just let it go. It’s funny how when I let whatever problem go, I can focus on what I really should be doing.

    You can always blog about something else.

    I hear change is the only constant in life 🙂

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