4 comments on “Karma-clysm

  1. I don’t necessarily believe in karma in WoW because I generally am fairly nice to people – and I still run into lots of jerks 😉

    That doesn’t change how I am though. I don’t kick people as long as they’re not rude and I can see they’re trying. Not unless for some reason them being there is causing the entire party/raid to fail. Which is seldom the case.

    Everyone has to start somewhere, and if we kicked every player who’s not got all the gear they’ll never get the gear either. So yes, let’s not be too harsh, and allow people to be new. We all are/were at some point 🙂

  2. yeah in some ways I do believe in in game Karma. I like to think that if I make a small sacrifice for someone, they’d make the same for me, or maybe for someone else entirely whom I meet later and does the same for me or that my nice gesture at least creates some “nice-ripples”. God knows WoW can need it ;P

  3. I will rarely kick in heroics. If I do, they have to be spectacularly bad. I’m generally the muscle carrying the dps, so as long as they’re not failing to mechanics, I don’t care.

    In a raiding situation I’m less patient. I’m a hardmode raider and so the margin for error is non-existent and generally everyone’s patience is about the same. (This applies to farm bosses only.)

  4. The only time I have been voting to kick people lately is when they are a tank who is just not ready for a certain level of Experts yet. In Rift, we have Tier 1 Experts and Tier 2 Experts (which are the equivalent of non-Troll Heroics and Troll Heroics), which do come with certain requirements to be able to queue for them. The problem comes when people who meet the gear requirements don’t necessarily meet the player requirements.

    The character looks fine, but the player isn’t quite ready for that higher notch of difficulty and it shows. I usually give them many opportunities to try and improve. I help out with strategies and show them where to stand or where to kite something. But if it’s just not coming together and they’re not showing that they can grasp the concepts of the instance, I will politely say “You know, I don’t feel you’re quite ready for the T2s yet. Thank you very much for trying.” Then, I will either initiate the kick or support it, when someone else does it.

    I think if a kick is done for the right reasons, if you can say you did everything you could to improve the situation, and if it’s done diplomatically I see nothing wrong with it. Mind you, this is just kicking someone, in terms of performance. Voting to kick someone for personality issues with a whole different ball of wax.

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