2 comments on “Neglect, Lies, and, New people

  1. Oh, I recognise that feeling of game time being nothing but Firelands dailies. I’m so happy that I’m finally done with them!

    I can imagine having so many new members might have felt weird. I’ve played with our core team for years, and only ever have to deal with 1-2 new people now and then. I can’t imagine suddenly having 80% of my team being new members.

    I’m glad you’re looking forward though. Eventually I guess those new members will end up being part of your team as well 🙂

    • I’m going to be finished with them as soon as that stupid, ancient smoldering behemoth spawns. I just need to kill him and I’m officially Anslym, the Flamebreaker.

      I’m hoping that we can progress into that stage. It’s so weird not having histories and inside jokes with the majority of your guild. I can say this though, it is getting better.


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