One comment on “The Golden Goal: Mekgineer’s Chopper Pt 2

  1. Well, if volatile airs sell for 14g in singles, they may be a bit more in stacks. Even then if the volatile lifes are cheap enough, you’re still making a profit. (Assume life is 7g each and you get the worst proc possible of 14 air and no bonus procs. You spent 105g to make 196g. 91g isn’t bad profit. Treat it like a daily. You made the equivalent of 5 dailies worth in 5 minutes.

    Flipping epics is dangerous. If you don’t know the market (which I don’t), you can stand to lose big there.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Unsure what you started with, but you’re doing alright. Remember you would’ve had almost 10k by now, but you learned a valuable lesson. Addons aren’t always right.

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