3 comments on “The Golden Goal: Mekgineer’s Chopper

  1. The golden rule is to buy low, sell normal. Selling high will mean you getting undercut and getting nowhere. If you sell it at an average price which is still at a profit over what you bought, you’ll get undercut a bit, but it’ll eventually sell.

    As for “tips”, please take these with a lump of salt.
    Note: I didn’t check if you have your professions high enough, but regardless, here’s some advice.

    Shaman – Buy very cheap volatile life and transmute it into air (Uldum). (Please ensure that you’re transmute spec to squeeze a bit more profit out of this.)
    Ensure you check the market prices on fire and water, but I don’t think those sell for as much. I will buy most of my life in the 4-6g each range. I will then sell my air for about 25g each. If prices appear reasonable, then feel free to drop it down. You will note that periodically people will flood the market. Just ignore the ultra cheap ones since they’ll sell anyway and post your airs at your fall back price. They may not sell that day, so the next day, check prices and undercut as needed. Do NOT under cut the cheapest single air on the AH. People are lazy and will buy your stacks even though they are at a premium. Profit: I make about ~2k per week off of this. Enough to cover raiding repairs and whatnot.

    Priest – Make the leg armors. Unless there’s always a supply on the AH, just hold off and wait for when there’s only 1-2 left up and then post. Otherwise, do one per week from your volatile lifes and price accordingly.

    Feel free to herb and mine a bit to supplement your income.

    At the very least this will give you a steady stream of income.

    Fishing – How’s your fishing skill? If you want, go fishing for the necessary fish for feasts. Sell them on the AH, or enquire if the top raiding guilds need stacks of certain fish. Raiders don’t like to farm. We like to buy.

    Cooking – How’s your cooking skill? Fish and cook up some of the +90 intellect fish from the open water in Twilight Highlands. (Note: This is very tedious.) Does your faction control TB fairly often? Go kill crocs and cook up some +90 strength food.

    Soloing – How’s your gear? Your gear looks decent enough. Go solo AQ20 from time to time. Ignore as much trash as you can. Kill the oozes since they have a chance for a bag and a rare pet. The bosses don’t drop much gold, but you’re not after the bosses for gold. You’re there for the class books they drop! Each book vendors for 10g each. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but you should be able to clear the whole place in 30mins and collect 13books. You should make about 300g for that run after looting all the bosses and vendoring all of their loot. (Minimum)
    If you think the old BC heroics were fun, then feel free to run those from time to time. Especially if you need the gold. H Seth is a pushover. (Chance for Anzu!)
    Molten Core – Take a friend the first few times you run this. The bosses don’t drop much gold and the stuff doesn’t vendor for much, but if you have the time, do 5 resets of the Molten Destroyers. They drop Blood of the Mountain which people need for the legendary mace.

    Dailies – Do you still do them? How about Argent Tournament? If you don’t care about the mounts and pets, do some of those dailies from time to time. Once you have enough, check which pet sells for the most or isn’t up on the AH. That’ll get you a few hundred per week. (I’m guilty. I don’t do this one. Too lazy.)

    Best case, you’ll make 3-4k net profit per week. Worst case, you’ll make 2k if you at least do your daily transmute.

    Look around you. There’s tonnes of opportunities. Look at what your guildies are doing too. That might give you an idea of a niche market to explore.

    • Wow, your comment is longer than the original post. Ok, you blew me right outta the water. Next post I do it will be about all these methods you listed and how they worked out for me. Thanks for the tips.


  2. This time I’ll keep my comment short. How’s the progress? Update? I hope you’re doing your daily transmute.

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