2 comments on “What gives me the Right?

  1. I think your reasons for blogging are great! Blogging is very much a personal, expressive pastime, and hey, if you like doing it, for whatever reason at all, power to you. Honestly, I applaud you for bravely trying whatever you feel like here. Fanfiction, participating in blogosphere events, the recent troll webcomic so quickly after you were debating making one! You clearly have a lot of enthusiasm for blogging, which is awesome. 🙂

    As for your reasons for playing, I find it interesting that you assumed you’d be in the lower tier of players in terms of DPS, skill, etc. Now that you know differently, has it changed the way you look at the game? Do you no longer feel the need to prove yourself? In any case, this realization that you’re actually not only holding your own but performing at a very high level must have been very satisfying.

    • It is satisfying to an extent, I’m sure a few friends can testify to the size of my fat head during our BoT run. Although I find the “people only remember you at your worst” applies here, I tend to focus on the negative and the low side of DPS, regardless if I’m moving the entire fight and others are just standing and DPSing their hearts out. I also constantly feel the need to prove myself, or to that extent make myself better. Which isn’t that crazy of a goal seeing how we all run raids and heroic raids to improve our gear and overall DPS.

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