5 comments on “Figuring out Fanfiction

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  2. Maybe you could have some short stories about your other characters, both to flesh them out and introduce them? You could do this inbetween regular Anslym writings.

    The nice thing about short stories is you don’t necessarily have to provide all background info/history like you would normally, instead hammering out a few personality traits or characteristics during the story. And you might find after writing a brief tale about someone, that it gave you new ideas for more little or full-sized ones. An idea, anyway!

    • I like the short story idea very much. I think I may go with this one. Although I’m not really good at writing short posts (+1000 words please) because it feels like I’m cheating. Thanks for your imput.


  3. It’s your story, go with whatever comes next! If you have stories to tell about other characters then sure, bring them in, but make sure your main char gets his story told 😉

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