One comment on “Ready, Set, . . .

  1. I like a bit of friendly competition. In my old guild, I used to compete against one of the other warlocks. We would regularly destroy the rest of the dps. We’d discuss what we did in that fight which may have helped us get the advantage over the other. This helped me in my later guilds. If someone destroyed me on the meters, I didn’t just assume that the class was OP or mechanics favoured them, I’d watch them and try to figure out what they were doing. If they were friendly enough, I’d just ask.

    As for not-so-friendly competition, it’s pretty harsh. I took 3 months away from WoW at the start of ToC and naturally I had been replaced. I was always the last to be invited if they didn’t have someone better geared. I relearned my theorycrafting and took to reclaiming my core spot with a vengeance. This happened at the start of this expansion as well. We raided with another elemental. The other had his LoD title from when it was actually hard to get. They naturally assumed he knew more and was better skilled. I was pretty lax about researching fights, but so was he and it reflected poorly on us. We were benched one week so that other trials could get in and see if they’d get a shot at replacing us. He raged and gquit. I stuck it out and got invited back as a sub. I went about busting my butt to make sure I was as geared as possible and started posting world logs on a regular basis. I just had to grin and bear the verbal abuse because I knew I was good enough to raid and knew I was more than capable of pulling my own weight and then some.

    The others now joke about how I seemed to have turned a corner and really pulled myself together. It just comes down to how badly you want to prove yourself and how badly you want to be there.

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