5 comments on “The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm (spoilers)

  1. Great synopsis. I agree with lots of what you said.

    I too noticed the oddness that Vol’jin was never considered for leadership, but it’s occurred to me lately that he might actually be a lot older than we think. He calls himself “old Vol’jin” and in the (spoiler) Cata discussion between him and Garrosh, he clearly views Garrosh as an unruly brat/kid.

    I thought they did a very good job of establishing the personalities, mentalities and relationship between Garrosh and Baine, too very similar yet very different leaders come Cata. The interaction between the two near the end showed a lot about how both think and what they each hold dear. I like to imagine that Garrosh has learned a great deal about himself from the events of this book. The parallelism with Moira is also very intriguing.

    Cairne was awesome.

    While I found the romance with Thrall/Aggra quite heavy-handed and a little blunt, I am interested in what Aggra will become.

    One of the things I really liked was the rounding of Varian, how he’s not just a bigoted idiot, but he’s actually got deep-rooted mental issues, almost schizophrenia. I also liked how they showed an intelligent, practical side of things, like when he asked Anduin if Jaina had gone to visit any orcs. He knows she goes and visits with Thrall, and not only is he not angry about it, even he realizes that it’s actually a good thing. I also found his covert assault on Ironforge really cool. While it may not have been the sort of thing a King should do, it shows just how much he treasures Anduin, AND it shows just really how much of a serious, proactive man he is…for better or for worse, mind you.

    One of the only things I was sad about was that they didn’t address the slaughtered night elf druids and Hamuul. Do they still think the Tauren and Hamuul betrayed them? And the cultists? They’re obviously Twilight’s Hammer guys, but I expected them to be a bit more of an antagonist, though their actions did cause the main conflict on the Horde side of things, I guess.

    • I agree, It was kinda BA how he went stealth into the tram. As for the night elves I think we’ll soon find out what happened to them. I do think that the night elves will side with the tauren on the dispute. I mean the taurens were slaughtered just as much as the night elves were.


  2. The Shattering was the first WoW book I had ever read before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I only picked it up because Metzen was so adamant that we all read it. I got the Kindle version and it took me about a day to read it. I absolutely could not put it down. I really enjoyed seeing my favorite characters in action and I had a lot of “aha!” moments as parts of the lore were filled in.

    At first I was a bit put off because it’s very Horde-centric and I am totally Alliance but I am glad I stuck with it. I got really emotionally attached to Cairne and I don’t think I have cried that much over a character since Dumbledore died. 😦

    I feel the whole storming of IF by Varian could have been handled a little bit better. I understand why he did it. There was no provocation for Moira to take his son and the dwarves hostage in such a way but it just seems a bit rushed toward the end. There was a huge build up to it and when he finally got there it just fizzled out. He came in, slaughtered countless dwarves and it suddenly everything is OK because they come to the Council conclusion. I think he needs to be held to some sort of accountability for killing innocent people.

    • Yeah I think it was one of the better ones written, I’m actually going to read it again tonight. I agree with you, at the beginning it was very Horde oriented. The Horde do all this stuff in Northrend and in Orgrimmar while the Alliance is just like Stormwind – Royal keep – political . . . done. It does get better however, I find. I actually liked the whole ending of the Moira plot. It leaves much to be found out in Cataclysm. As for “innocent” people being slain, they were Dark Irons, no innocent in my opinion.


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