5 comments on “OCD: Organized Character Display

  1. I love your toons’ names! But I’m helplessly confused on this organization system. I really don’t see it. I do however vote for more stories for your toons! I had a lot of fun once a friend and I worked together on DKs.

    • I really like the character names as well. I like having a name that can’t take into the real world. Well I could take a few but not all of them. Also they aren’t names like “LeetDK” or “Fireballs” or something of the sort. I also hoped you noticed the fact that all my character names have the letter “Y” in them.

      As for the organization system it was going to be: Ranged characters (Shadow priest, elemental shaman, warlock, mage, hunter . . .) then the melee characters (rogue, DK, paladin) then healers (paladin will probably a healer).


  2. “I love to have my characters on the character selection screen all organized to the point that I have deleted toons in order to satisfy my need. ”

    You’re insane.

    – Sam

  3. I understand the need to have characters organized, but after 6 years, eventually something has to give. Fun vs Organisation. I went for fun. I still wish they’d allow us to sort our characters. I hate that my current main is so deep into the list.

    Continue the bucket list. Especially if anything on the list is gone after the expansion. At least you can say you tried.

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