3 comments on “Link Love

  1. Oh man, where do I begin?

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for linking me 🙂

    Secondly, I give you a sampling from my blogroll, all highly recommended:

    Kiss My Alas – she of the WoW Pride and Prejudice fame, lately of DinoTam shenanigan fame (much lols to be had on both fronts)

    Letters to Azeroth – Not oft updated, but a longtime favorite of mine, the letters of one R. Pebblebottom, Adventurist. (I strongly suggest reading through the archives as well!)

    Peeved – the fledgling wowblog of a good friend of mine

    Pugging Pally – @_vidyala (you may know her from twitter?) expounded on her adventures leveling a healing pally to 80 using only (mostly) LFD groups, and now we get to read her 80-and-beyond adventures! Wittiness, she has it.

    Righteous Orbs There’s really no other way to describe Tam (and Chas!) with words other than superlatives. More often than not, you will literally lawl while reading. (Check out the I, Gerald stories – five chapters so far!)

    I have no doubt those will all be to your enjoyment, however, should you want EVEN MORE blogs to choose from, you could check out my blogroll page 🙂

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